She took the book and went away from the kitchen where the others stayed, lighting up spliffs with peppercorn-scented candles. After 30 minutes she had gone, he felt like looking for her. He found her in the living room, crouching on the blue sofa, her left leg dangling. She was gone from their physical space … Continue reading Metanoia



She took a deep breath pausing in front of the glass sliding doors. Her tired face reflected on it for a second, she was so worried about her appearance that she did not notice the elephant in the colophon that usually made her laugh. Or at least beam.


Were they looking? Were they? Why lights were so strong? Why lights were pointed directly on his face? He could feel his hands swelling like hot-air balloons, started sweating, desperately looking for a place where to shoo off their tremor. And to not mention his legs! Did he still have them? They felt like yogurt … Continue reading Jimjams


She had vomited for the whole night. It was something like food poisoning, combined with the stress she accumulated in the last few weeks because of the projects that were so difficult to make happen. Nonetheless, she still had a brunch planned with her boyfriend’s great aunt – yes, despite her 70 years she was … Continue reading Inspissate