Palpable – tangible

She used to smoke a lot. More than 20 cigarettes per day. Tough she left them unfinished, leaving a good one fourth on the ashtray on the exterior windowsill of her bedroom. She quit the day she noticed something weird on her left hand. A knob near her wrist, a swollen portion of a vein, … Continue reading Palpable – tangible


Consigliere – adviser

Her mom always screamed at the phone. “You know, I can hear you anyway” she told her. “What?” the mom shouted as a reply. “Whatever. So, what did you want to tell me?” “You should call your sister” “What for?” she crossed her legs on the grey sofa, ready to listen boring stuff. “She can … Continue reading Consigliere – adviser


He saw the three digits on the white label – without counting the decimals -, it was slightly less of what he just withdrew from the ATM, the lack of sound in his new lonely apartment was more important than his miniaturized bank account, he grabbed the package and went to the till.