It was still cold. Grey clouds hanging over a mouldy lawn and bare trees. Those big trees. They were tall, she found herself thinking while looking up to one of them. Her nose started watering. She could feel her two hands icing up, a bottled water and a can of coke from the vending machines. … Continue reading Fading


Back in time

I went to the beach today. It was mild. I thought about taking off my jacket, but then I didn't. It would have been too cold otherwise. Off season, the sky was dull enough to make the beach look appropriately empty. Some occasional, timid sunshine to make my face squint. I set my headphones to … Continue reading Back in time

Number 16 – Why do girls take so long in the bathroom

Cracking white neon bulbs. Mirrors, others – they have tissues and mascaras in their bags. Mirrors, self - unwanted staring eyes no mascara on them. Pale ceramic – colors of a day of January. Bustle outside the female logo on the door - roaring city, an apiary. My turn, dull hive breathe in, suck it … Continue reading Number 16 – Why do girls take so long in the bathroom