Back in time

I went to the beach today. It was mild. I thought about taking off my jacket, but then I didn't. It would have been too cold otherwise. Off season, the sky was dull enough to make the beach look appropriately empty. Some occasional, timid sunshine to make my face squint. I set my headphones to … Continue reading Back in time



"I promise, I'll be good" I wrote it with colorful crayons, the more colorful the more reliable, on a letter to be sent without stamp. "I'll be good, I swear" And it was a box wrapped by polypropylene silhouettes of Santa telling me I had been so. Even if I stole the bracelet of Barbara that afternoon...? I … Continue reading Promises

Number 16 – Why do girls take so long in the bathroom

Cracking white neon bulbs. Mirrors, others – they have tissues and mascaras in their bags. Mirrors, self - unwanted staring eyes no mascara on them. Pale ceramic – colors of a day of January. Bustle outside the female logo on the door - roaring city, an apiary. My turn, dull hive breathe in, suck it … Continue reading Number 16 – Why do girls take so long in the bathroom