Number 21

Finches melting, the knot of longing arms, band now my waist, squeeze me with your care. Barefoot, I am riding the glass line of the Equator. pour me wine, let me clean the corner of your chest, you did not bring any armor. Turn my face, point at my lobe, suck out the thoughts about … Continue reading Number 21


Number 20

Rise!      I'm standing already      I didn't see you coming Do you want me here?      What am I now? Can I hold your hand?      Please go, bring your affections with you      I don’t need any Are you angry?      It is my face, it can’t … Continue reading Number 20

Number 16

Forget this city, feel amazing try always to kill it but slow, don't panic act perfectly, humbly tremble silently admire the grand, the empty the crowd and if you stare the sun, brimful of sparkles stinging your skin, wounding, forgetting previous pain, let them stag you, skewer of memories and if it's sunny, you can do everything … Continue reading Number 16