Hopping over the bushes,
Hurdling the log,
Finally plummeting in the deep black hole
The white rabbit was rushing so fast
His long ears like the stream of a falling furry star.

Number 12

We are the jumping generation.

We jump on and off from tabs, windows, one click connecting us to the next video, to the next page, to the facebook page, scrolling down to check how much more does it take to finish the article, does he really think that I am going to read it all? Visiting our new favourite blog that has one-week expiration How could I be stuck on that website? This one is so good but look this one on the ad looks better we jump from conversation to conversation sorry I forgot to text you back and ironically we forget to text back again, we look away in restaurants, we look at the screens, we have the power over those tiny machines by holding them firmly, by shutting them on, and off, and on the same with your partner and no surprise you are single now and controlling the conversation I want to talk about the closest Chinese restaurant to me, Google, we jump in the job market, we have the aspiration of diplomats or interior designers but hey this restaurant is not that bad, they pay me weekly and the jutting ass of the waitress, we read this line before getting to the fourth, we crave for new, like if we had something old to dismiss, but then what old, we haven’t gripped enough in the present.