Hypermnesia – Abnormally vivid or complete memory or recall of the past

She woke up, her clothes drenched in sweat. She caressed her humid hair, it was all still there. She then rolled her hand on the side of her bed, on which she found none.

Number 15

I chase you memory every night, my love
this bottle helping me recalling
the way your lips curve nearby my skin,
the way your voice tickle my lobes,
the way your chest inflate under my hand.
And when the moon chases me,
      – under the spotlight
I raise up my sight,
and her, from that distance
she can reflect it too
the love I would, every night
give to you.

Ziggurat – an ancient Mesopotamian temple tower consisting of a lofty pyramidal structure built in successive stages with outside staircases and a shrine at the top

She felt like an hitch on the top of her forehead – she took away her eyes from what she was doing to find out he had her eyes on her despite the two people separating them – she felt embarrassed as the little construction she was making with coasters signaled her evident boredom to the night.

Number 14

Wondering night,
candy room
my body,
its function
this moon

I lose,
I’m mad
angry me,
all me
big game,
– between
high woman,
her wine
close tears,
late time
bite stuff,
eat nice
drool grief,
now smile.

Number 11

Lying on the hollow of your neck
leading the way to the scar
running through your back, it ends
at my fingertip coming
at the night, brittle night
broken with the promises
you don’t dare to make
you forgot you told.