Kwanzaa – an African-American cultural festival held from December 26 to January 1

December 26, Umoja, unity, she lighted up the first candle, black candle, careful not to spill wax on the Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note open on the table,

“And then last night, I tiptoed up
To my daughter’s room and heard her
Talking to someone, and when I opened
The door, there was no one there…
Only she on her knees, peeking into
Her own clasped hands”

Wassail – to indulge in riotous drinking

“Want a drink?” she asked his brother while pouring herself a glass of gin tonic.
He looked up at the clock – 11:19 am. Bustle in the kitchen, the turkey was in the hoven already, his little nieces running around followed by the dog.
“Why not” he replied then.

Purlieu – a frequently visited place

She stood up, people sitting at the table politely moved the chairs to leave her space. She sped up as she went out of the dinner table sight, she closed the door behind her, rolled up her eyes to the wall, to the Greek fret on top of the porcelain tiles, she got to know that series of angles quite well in the last couple of hours – damned Escargot à la Bourguignonne.

Eternize – to make eternal

“Don’t move”
He bit his lips.
“I said don’t move!”
“But I’m totally still!”
“No you’re not and for God’s sake stop talking! I am doing the lips now”
He prevented from replying and tried to get back in the exact position as before.