Encroach –  to enter by gradual steps into the possessions or rights of another

She was waiting for him to get ready, lingering her eyes on some knickknacks around – porcelain elephants, old grocery tickets, pens from work.

By the time he came back with a different shirt on, he noticed the shelves being much tidier.


Two-bit – cheap, trivial, or petty

They were sitting next to each other and both staring the screen of her phone: and now that he got closer to her, he noticed clumps of a yellowish glue at the base of her eyelashes.

Billion – A very large number

She placed her purse on the hook under the bar; it was her first time in that club and yet she knew where to find it, how to wait for the bartender’s attention, and what to order: a gin tonic – you can never go wrong with that.

She relaxed now that she knew alcohol would not long arrive. She looked around the place: blonde men showing muscles behind tight shirts, ladies suffering the cold in sleeve-less dresses, young kids disguising themselves as adults.

She tried to get that thought back, but it was all too much of something she’d already seen a thousands of times.